T+works is the Research and
Development arm of T+ink that creates
the intellectual property.  T+works
focuses on the design and engineering of
new conductive ink formulations and applications.  T+works creates client-endorsed, market-tested inks, products and solutions through innovation and collaboration with clients.  The Company has developed more than 2,000 ink formulations, as well as innovative product designs and concepts that are being commercialized, including Smart Shelves, Smart Pegs, Smart Conveyor Belts.  The Company has created significant intellectual property through T+works for product development and commercialization and technology licensing. 

T+ios is the primary communication
platform for all T+ink enabled objects,
acting as the bridge between the digital
world and the physical ink. T+ios is
designing and building a suite of enterprise and consumer software applications enabled by T+ink technologies and devices through a “Thinking Network”.  The initial software being developed will provide solutions for (i) product authentication, (ii) consumer interactivity, (iii) inventory tracking, and (iv) e-commerce.  T+ios is also capable of integrating third-party technologies, devices and applications into its solution set. T+ios is building the applications on a common software product platform that will be able to leverage all data collected from enabled devices as well as integrate other third party data sets and applications. With the huge amount of data capture, T+ios will provide advanced analytics and big data solutions that deliver insights into consumers previously unavailable to enterprises.

Touchcode connects the physical and digital
world, breaking through the boundaries and
limitations of current systems.  Touchcode is
a new communication standard that makes
objects smart by creating a piece of the internet inside every printed product.  Touchcode is a highly secure printed conductive ink signature embedded in packaging, labels and other objects that a smartphone or other sensing device can detect through capacitive touch.  The patent protected technology enables critical enterprise applications in product security and authentication, inventory management, and consumer engagement. 

T+mold designs, develops and markets molded
plastic smart surfaces that replace the wires in
thousands of products, including control panels in
cars, refrigerators, washing machines and even aeronautical equipment.  Our patented T+mold technology applications can create thin, lightweight and flexible circuits and switches that greatly enhance a product’s functionality at a significantly reduced cost, size and weight.  This technology is also being used to impact the finance and banking industry as we introduce credit cards, gift cards and other financial records enabled with T+mold technology.

T+ink Smart AD enables traditional printed media to become a fully immersive consumer experience unlike any that exists in today’s publishing industry.  Utilizing T+ink’s patented conductive technologies and applications Smart AD delivers dynamic real-time color change lighting and sound solutions together with a wide menu of customization experiences that include Touchcode and wi-fi enabled ads, covers and insertions for instant consumer interaction all in a thin, lightweight and flexible form factor.

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